Fuerteventura is the closest Canary Island to the Africa, only 100km away from the Moroccan coast.


Approx 98km long and 30km across at the widest point, the landscape of Furteventura is made of long sandy beaches, vast expanses of lava fields called malpais and golden sand dunes. 


The weather conditions of  are very similar to Florida and Mexico - making this island an ideal holiday destination.


Fuerteventura and its neighbouring islands have been called ‘the island of eternal spring’ because of their pleasant weather throughout the year. The thermometer sits around the mid twenties year round with constant refreshing winds.


Fuerteventeura's airport is towards the centre of the island and is well connected to major European towns. 


There are many  attractions and activities in Fuerteventura and plenty destinations in easy reach from the house. To mention a few:




2. Boat trip to Lobos


Lobos is a small island just 2 kilometres north of Fuerteventura and is a  a nature reserve.


The island is accessible via a short ferry ride from Corralejo or a one-day charter trip.


The paths from the boat jetty are laid through a varied landscape, including to the lighthouse at Punto Martino and to the top of the caldera.


There is a small, sheltered sea lagoon, Playa de la Concha, with a sandy beach for bathing.





1. Beach Life


It is easy to choose each day a different beach, going to the West Coast (Cotillo and Las Dunas), the North Coast (Majanico) and the East Coast (Las Dunas) all of these 10-20 minutes away





3. Trekking


The house is just at the foot of Montaña Colorada. A trail leads to the volcanos of the Calderon Hondo and all the way to Corralejo, offering views to the different coast and the volcanic landscape




4. Horse Riding


Short riding sessions and longer  excursions on mountain trails or coastal routes  on friendly Irish sport horses are arranged with a nearby riding centre: Finca Julie.








5. Water Sports


Fuerteventura is renown for water sports, in particular surfing, wind-surfing and kite-surfing.


The majority of the surf beaches and surf centres are located in the north of the island and in easy reach from the house. Sailing can be done from Corralejo.




6. Visit to Bentancuria


Situated in a mountainous region towards the centre of the island, Betancuria is named after Jean de Béthencourt, who conqured Fuerteventura and founded the town in 1404.


Convents, churches and traditional

Canarian houses are framed by a  beautiful landscape made by valleys and ravines, massive boulders and plants.


7. Day trip to the Oasis Park


Situated in the south of the island, the Oasis Park has zoo, botanical garden centre, sea life centre.


There are animals from all over the world - Hippopotamuses, Giraffes and over 200 different species of birds - as well as the typical Fuerteventuran goats, donkeys and the "Majorero" camels. 

8. Motoquad – motocross


Excursion on quad, dune buggy and motor bike through volcanoes, lava fields, deserts, lagoons and white sand dunes.

9. Local Restaurants


There is plenty of choices of restaurants near the house to enjoy relaxing lunch on a terrace or a good dinner at night.


La Vaja Azul in Contillo and la Confraderia de los Pescadores are good destination for fish and see-foad; whilst Mahoh and Casa Marcos both in Villaverde are excellent place for meat and tasting same of the island traditional cooking.



10. Day Trip to Lanzarote


The island of Lanzarote can be easily reached with an half and hour ferry ride from Corralejo.


The island is quite different from Fuertevetura with characteristics and attractions of its own. Possibly the best way to discover them is by visiting the architectures and installation of its most famous artist - Cesar Marinque.